Crispy and Other Words

This blog is a reminder to every Christian already living for Christ that their God is crispy – and to start living like it. For everyone else it’s a giant apology, and hopefully a closer look into what living for Christ is really like – how it was intended to be all along. Can I be honest? I can almost guarantee that the same things your heart beats for and that your soul longs for about are the very things that Jesus wanted too. TBH – we’re all more similar than we are dissimilar – and there’s just a crazy apparent need for that reminder. Laced in sarcasm and riddled with blunt honesty – this blog is your reminder.

Christ is crispy. What do I mean by crispy? I mean on a scale from 1 to crispy…He’s the crispiest. Kids these days might use crispy as a synonym for “fresh”, “awesome”, “impressive”, “cool”, or my personal favorite – “speaking truth”. Don’t Urban Dictionary the word crispy…okay, just don’t, there are several uses for the word, and I’m telling you right now – “A sheltered white person” or “A person with a dry skin texture” is just not how I’m using it. Although, if you identify with the last definition – holler at your girl, I have something that can help you out. (The skin one…okay, I can’t do anything about you being white).

God is actually really freaking crispy. And it took me a long time to realize it. It took me years of buying into the lie that God is oppressive, boring, lame, misogynistic, and pretty much just another man unworthy of my trust. Guys, it was all a lie, and I’m here to tell you about it.

Thanks for stopping by, and if for nothing else…maybe you can use the word crispy tomorrow and make people feel dumb for not knowing what it means, you’re the hip one here – don’t you forget it.




(I almost put Gossip Girl – but I figured I’m not 13 anymore and I should probably just let that one go)

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