More Than Enough to Go Around


I’ve been contemplating often lately why I am so disturbed by everyone who is fighting so hard to keep refugees out of our Country. It bothers me, and it bothers me for many reasons. I’ve seen the signs saying “Jesus was a refugee”, and he was, and that’s valid, but I just knew the Lord wanted to reveal more to me about this. I knew he didn’t want it to stop at it being about loving your neighbor (although again, I agree).

The other day I heard the Lord speak to me about it as a greater issue. I believe He gave me His heart on this, and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Therefore, ya’ll are gonna hear about it. He revealed to me this mindset that so many people are walking around with. It’s a toxic permeating mindset that reaches far beyond whether or not we allow refugees into our Country. It reaches into our relationships, our jobs, our relationship with God, our relationships with ourselves, our resources…everything. It’s the belief that there won’t be enough for us. Scarcity. The idea that we’re living in lack. The idea that we have to hold on tightly to what we have for fear that one day we won’t have enough. Or that we don’t have enough right now.

Not enough money, not enough jobs, not enough time, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not jacked enough, not enough friends, not enough vacation, not enough clothes, not enough sleep, not enough blah blah blah…you get it.

This belief that if we allow refugees into our Nation there won’t be enough for all of us. They’re going to take what’s ours. The belief that if someone else meets an amazing man, then there’s one less out there for me. The belief that if someone else gets the dream job, then what about my dream job? The thought that if God gives someone else a good gift, maybe he’s forgotten about me. He always forgets about me. The idea that there just isn’t enough to go around.

This scarcity mindset began in the garden with Eve when the devil convinced her that God was holding out, that she didn’t have enough, that she needed more, and it hasn’t stopped there.

As I write this my heart is just pounding, tears are welling up in my eyes, there’s a lump in my throat, I’m sick to my stomach that so many people walk around believing these lies as truth. I’m so sad that people actually believe that maybe God doesn’t have enough for them, or that they have to fight for blessing, or that resources are limited from them. I’m mad you guys, I’m mad that even still there will be people who read this and their hearts will have been so hardened that they’ll still roll their eyes, and refuse to acknowledge their own thought patterns. (Roll those eyes, whatever, used to it. I’m rolling my eyes at myself more than you are).

I remember these thoughts and feelings all too well. I know how much comparison, hate, fear, anxiety, worry, disappointment, and isolation can come from believing these lies and walking through life with a scarcity mindset. I remember the feeling that I was in competition with everyone around me. I remember feeling like I was just always last in line when it came to God.

So I’m here to remind you of the truth. And of course y’all, it starts with Jesus. The truth that not only is there just enough, there’s MORE than enough. He didn’t just say we were conquerors, he said we were MORE than conquerors. The truth that what Jesus has for you, no one can take away. The truth that God called us into the ABUNDANT life, not a life of fear, or a life where we have to tirelessly grasp for gain. A life where you can genuinely celebrate the successes and gifts of someone else, while knowing that God wants to give you good things too. A life that doesn’t wear you down because it’s all a competition. A life where you KNOW that God hasn’t forgotten you…how could he? He’s just amped you’re you. A life where you can happily, openhandedly, abundantly give, because you KNOW that there is always more where that came from, because you KNOW where your provision comes from. And you don’t doubt for a second that He will not withhold one good thing from you because you are his child.

God is not limited on his resources. God is not holding out on you. You are not last in line. You don’t have to worry that someone else will get what is yours (none of it’s really yours anyway). I don’t care how many people come into our Country because my provision comes from the Lord, and with him there is ALWAYS abundance. With Him there is ALWAYS more where that came from. You want to seek refuge and freedom in this Country? Come right on in because there is MORE than enough to go around.



P.S. to combat any prosperity gospel mindsets that may come out of a misinterpretation of what I’m saying here, I would like to clarify that abundance doesn’t always look like material goods. I’m not saying – believe in Jesus and he’ll give you a new car, although He might, who am I to say what gifts He will or won’t give. All I’m saying is that we have more than enough when we simply have Jesus. We have more than enough even if we’re dead broke, but are straight chillin’ with Jesus. God will always provide our needs. God is always always always good to His children.

So let me be clear – God does not exist to give us what we want, that’s not at all what this post is about. He is not Santa Claus or a genie. God does not exist for US – WE exist for HIM. So whatever He gives, whatever He takes away, whatever He withholds – I will count it all as gain, but it is not from a spirit of lack. Let us not get sucked into the mentality that God is anything less than the most abundant. Let us not get sucked into the idea that any amount of material goods could begin to touch the abundance that Jesus has for us.


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