It’s Not Personal

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for me to hear when talking to people about their relationship with God as a Christian is, “It’s personal for me, so I don’t really talk about it.” It takes every ounce of God given holiness in me not to be like UGH! NO IT’S NOT! 

This idea that our relationship with God should be personal and therefore not talked about is such a lie, and I believe a very real way the devil keeps people from fellowship and community. Literally no where in the Bible does it talk about keeping our relationship with God to ourselves. Literally no where does it say – “Don’t publicly talk about your walk with God because that’s just between you and Him. Don’t share details about your relationship with those who are close to you because its too personal.” In fact – the Bible is very clear that we are NOT to approach our relationship with Him like that.

Now, I get it – my relationship with the Lord really is SO personal. So intimate, so real, so authentic, so raw, but not personal in the way that I won’t talk about it. Do God and I share secrets? Absolutely. 100%. Do we share personal time together? Totally. Every time I believe He speaks to me do I rush to tell someone about it? Not even kind of close. There are very personal and intimate parts of my relationship with my Father that are just for Him and I. BUT – my relationship as a whole will never be so personal that I don’t ever talk about it or share about it.

If you were to get into a new romantic relationship with someone and you were SO excited about it, but didn’t tell anyone about it, and they didn’t tell anyone about it either…because it’s “personal”…honestly, that would be weird. It would be really weird if my best friend just never told me about one of the most important relationships in her life. It would be really weird if my coworker literally NEVER mentioned his wife because it’s “personal”. If no one around you knows about your relationship with the Lord…I would spend some time examining why…without using the excuse that it’s “too personal”. Maybe it’s not personal enough? Your relationship with God doesn’t exist for only you. It is not too personal that you never talk about it, and if you’ve found yourself using this as an excuse to keep this super special relationship under wraps – I very much suggest you truly examine the real reason why.

Personally…and listen, I can’t speak for anyone but myself here – I used the “too personal” excuse when I had no intimacy with Jesus. I used that excuse when I wasn’t pursuing Him at all, and I knew it. I used that excuse when I knew my relationship was anything but personal – it was dry, bland, and almost non-existent. If that’s why you stay tight-lipped I want to encourage you. It was NEVER meant to be this way. Jesus desires the most intimate and special relationship with you. More intimate than anything else you’ve ever experienced. He wants to make things so crazy personal that it literally changes everything…that you have no choice but to talk about it.

I’ll leave this one at that. Probably my shortest, and most to-the-point post to date, but I don’t see the point of beating a dead horse. Pursue it until it’s so personal you can’t NOT talk about it. 


One thought on “It’s Not Personal

  1. The fact it is so personal and incredible is why I share it with others. Thank you for addressing what often can be pride or fear from what others would think. In Act 1:8 we are told the Holy Spirit will give us boldness to witness. As I like to tell others we all have a story that someone needs to hear about our journey to Christ. Blessings and may this be an amazing year. Let us never be silent about God’s message of hope.


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