Where’s God In This Mess?


I’m sure it won’t be new news to you to hear that our world right now is seriously hurting. I think it’s really easy to become numb to the realities of the landscape of our world – just because it seems like every day it’s something new. It’s really easy to see news story after news story where our jaws are dropping in disbelief, but then we kind of shake it off because – what can we really do about any of this? We all just text our friends “Oh my gosh, so sad…”, or “Get me out of this Country” (newsflash – this crap is EVERYWHERE). I’ll be the first to come out and admit – guilty.

But today – the reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m not sure what it was about this particular morning, but as I read a story on Facebook about a really tender interaction between a Muslim Uber driver and a white male – I lost it. Like ugly girl cry. In an instant it felt like the weight of the whole world was on my heart – something I’ll never be able to quite explain – but this weight quite literally brought me to my knees, and I cried – for a good 30 minutes…my heart just absolutely shattering. My natural inclination was like – okay Meghan, chill, you’re being a little overdramatic…a little over emotional don’t you think?

Then I snapped out of it – NO. Not a little over dramatic – not “overly emotional” – there is SERIOUS oppression, pain, and hurt happening right now…and finally – your heart is feeling it all. What a gift – seriously – what an absolute gift. When our hearts become numb, when we don’t feel like we have any skin in the game, when we don’t feel like there’s anything tangible we can do – that’s when the devil has won. I’ve been praying fervently for God to give me His heart – just like the song – “break my heart for what breaks yours”, and I had that moment this morning – where He was breaking my heart – because His heart is breaking too. So what do I do with this broken heart? Do I shove it aside and just “feel bad” for everyone in oppression? Do I rant on Facebook (that’s an obvious “no”)? Do I just like…try to be a “better” person? How do I reconcile this broken heart of God’s?

And I want to be absolutely clear – this IS breaking God’s heart. I hear a lot of “where’s God in this?” “How could God allow this?” “God is sending His wrath”…Again, I want to be clear – absolutely NONE of this is “from” God or even remotely represents the heart of God. We live in a fallen world, we live in a world of sin…if we lived in heaven – none of this would be happening, but we don’t, we live on earth. So many people want nothing to do with God, but when bad things start happening – the fingers all point to Him – like no, we want nothing to do with you, but also – how could you let this happen? When this happens – we’re allowing the devil to get away with far too much. We’re blaming God for the work of the devil – who by the way, we openly invite into our culture and lives…(that’s another blog post though). Could God snap His fingers and take this all away? Sure. Is He a cruel God because He won’t? Absolutely not. He’s God, but He’s also given humans free will – and from free will come natural consequences. God did not “cause” any of this…sin has, and sin breaks God’s heart.

So, what is there to do with this broken heart of God’s? I’ve seen a lot of things floating around about how – “it all starts with you, just be a better person” – and while the sentiment is nice…sorry, but trying harder to be nice just isn’t going to cut it. This battle we’re in, this fight we’re fighting – it’s a war…and it’s BIG, bigger than just being a nice person to others. And maybe I’ll be the first one to tell you, but this is straight up spiritual warfare. Being a good person won’t win the battle – we’re fighting against demonic forces. It’s going to take a little bit more than that. But, we need some people who are willing to fight.

As I was crying out to God “Lord, tell me what to do, tell me how to fight”, He spoke back one word – “Intercede”. And intercede I will, but I can’t do it alone – I’m commissioning you to fight this thing with me. It’ll start with your heart. If your heart isn’t broken right now because of this pain and oppression – let God break it, BEG God to shatter it, because you being “numb” to these realities won’t give you the gumption to move forward with a fire in your spirit – with passion in your veins.

Maybe you’ve never heard of intercessory prayer, but it’s when you pray on behalf of others – when you intervene on the plans of the enemy for the freedom of others. I know some of you who don’t believe in prayer may have gotten to this point, and now you’re rolling your eyes because “Oh great, another Christian who’s claiming prayer will fix all…we need more than just a prayer”. And yes, I agree – there needs to be action behind prayer. BUT, prayer is HUGE, prayer can move mountains, prayer can change outcomes, prayer can petition the Lord to step in, prayer – when used on behalf of others especially – can shatter situations.

If you aren’t already praying for a total recall on all the work the devil has done in the hearts of the oppressors – I commission you to do so.

If you aren’t already praying for freedom for those oppressed – I ask that you do.

If you aren’t already praying for an inexplicable change in the landscape of our world right now – I hope you will.

If you aren’t already praying for the hearts and actions of leaders all across this world (regardless of your personal opinion of them) – I pray that you can.

If you aren’t casting out the demonic forces of terrorism and racism that are at work within this world – I ask that you have the strength to do so.

I pray for heavenly comfort for those who need comfort, and God’s conviction for those who need conviction.

I pray God will light a fire in your spirit to fervently fight this battle. Remember, the war has already been won, but the battle is still upon us.

I pray God instills a sense of urgency within you. That not only are your prayers so necessary, but they are urgently needed.

So yes, go love others deeply, bring awareness, but don’t forget to pray prayers that seem totally impossible. For where there seems to be no way – God will make a way. What’s impossible for man – is possible with God.



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