Is God Ghosting You?


It is clear to me that waiting on the Lord requires action. For as long as I can remember I have had a pretty passive attitude towards waiting – a pretty passive attitude about God having His way with my life. I never understood how I could stray from my Father when I THOUGHT I was just laying in wait for Him to work. The truth is I was laying in complacency – open to the lies of the devil –  “See, God’s not there. He’s not doing anything. You said take my life – and He’s not taking it”. I wanted to take no responsibility for my dependency on the Lord – I wanted to play no role in total surrender – just surrender me already so that I don’t have to work at it – so that I don’t have to think about it. If the Lord wanted all of me – He could take what He wanted.

But my Father is not a bully. God will not beat my door down and force His will on my life. It would be so easy that way – that way would require less thinking, less devotion, less love. My Papa is not about anything that requires me to check out – He’s all about more devotion, total dependency, and unconditional love. He wants me to be so hungry for intimacy with Him that I chase it down relentlessly – I pursue Him – even if it’s just a fraction of how He pursues me. This is after all, my greatest relationship – would that not require action on my part?

God doesn’t just want me “along for the ride” – He has put me in the drivers seat. GOD PUT US IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT………GOD. He has the map, He has the destination – I need only turn when He says to turn. But if I do not turn – He does not grab the wheel and make me turn. He allows me to make the detour. Did I just crush your “Jesus Take the Wheel” Carrie Underwood moment?

My whole life I felt like my only job in relation to God was to sit in the back seat, shut up, and buckle up. But then why would God have created me to be thoughtful, smart, creative, and compassionate. Does He not have immeasurable joy in the mind He’s given to me? Does He not dance when He sees His creation in action? Is God not my Papa who is standing on the sidelines of my life cheering me on? I imagine “that dad” at the sporting events who everyone wishes would just cool it on his enthusiasm for an elementary school soccer game. I imagine “that dad” who’s shouting – “that’s my girl!” and “I taught her that! We practiced that move!” I imagine that dad who is like WAY too excited about menial moments in His kids life – tearing up as He tells His friends “She used the toilet all by herself, just like the big girl that she is.” God is not only interested in me on a personal level – He is like actually really excited for me. God did not create me to live like a starfish. He created me for action. He created me for original thought. I am not a drone.

One of the biggest lies from the devil is making us think that a wrong action in hopes of intimacy with God will derail us – the lie that we can “mess up” intimacy with God. “Will this work?” “Will this not work?” “Is this right?” “Is this wrong?” – all seems to be a moot point. God’s truth is that any movement towards intimacy with your Father will be met with an abundant move of God. I believe this movement is less about the specific action, and more about the positioning of your heart – more about the willingness to act and move, and less about what that movement actually is.

However, isn’t it true that if God has the map He’ll tell me exactly what to do, He’ll tell me exactly when to turn? So then how is it that sometimes I don’t know when to turn – or if I should stay straight? Might it be because I’m not asking or listening? God is so conversational – it’s crazy to me that I spent years not taking advantage of this. He’s not an elusive thing that will sometimes return your phone calls, will only occasionally text back, and will ignore you as you speak to him. He’s never going to make you feel stupid. You’re never going to get left on read, and you’ll never get the message “new phone, who dis?” God’s not going to ghost you – okay? Let that fear of rejection go…with God – it’s not happening. And if you do believe God is that cruel – then you’re believing a twisted lie about your Father.


Imagine if you were having a conversation with your friend – they’re right in front of your face – you ask them a question – “what do you want to do tonight”. Do they respond almost instantaneously or do they cross their arms and give you the silent treatment? Most likely – they’re returning the dialogue – it becomes a back and forth conversation. You have this exact same access to the Creator of the freaking Universe. If that doesn’t amp you up – then IDK – you’re a weirdo.

So as you wait – take action, make movement. Move towards greater intimacy with God. Ask God for next steps – I guarantee your wait with your Father will be anything but passive, in fact – I doubt it’ll even feel like you’re waiting for anything.



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