If He Ain’t First, He’s Last.


Did Will Ferrell’s goofy face seduce you into clicking on this post? I’ll put a disclaimer on this one: it’s hard hitting truth. If you’re looking for a light read – this probably isn’t it. You should probably just skip it. 

The reality of God is this: if you’re not moving towards Him, you’re moving away from Him. If your actions aren’t Kingdom centered, they’re worldly centered. Essentially – if God isn’t first, He’s last. Dallas Willard puts it this way – “Your actions are reflective of what you believe to be true about God 100% of the time”. Ouch. The reality of this truth is hard hitting, but when you hold it up to the fabric of your life – you can’t deny it’s accuracy.

When do I operate out of insecurity? When I believe the lie that God has not made me in His image.

When do I operate out of fear? When I believe the lie that God’s not good.

When do I operate out of shame? When I don’t believe God’s grace.

When do I compromise? When I don’t believe God has a plan.

When do I operate out of comparison? When I believe the lie that God has put me in competition with others.

When do I run from God? When I don’t believe His love.

Why is it hard to put God first? Why is lukewarm, hypocritical Christianity so prevalent? I believe it boils down to this –  people don’t actually believe what they claim to believe. For a lot of people this might be a sucker punch to the gut – I know it was for me when God first revealed this to me.

Meghan, if you ACTUALLY believed what you say you believe about me…you wouldn’t spend your time chasing the World. You wouldn’t be worried about what others think. You wouldn’t look in the mirror and not call yourself beautiful. You wouldn’t compare yourself to others. You wouldn’t control. You wouldn’t worry. You wouldn’t be planning and manipulating. You wouldn’t feel alone. For I am GOD, and I am your Father. I am your friend. I am in you, I am with you, I am for you, who can be against you.

If you believe God is real, if you believe the Bible is the word of God, if you believe that Jesus came and died for you, if you believe in the Holy Spirit…if you truly believe all of these things – then I just don’t believe you can be lukewarm about it. Because WOW, it should take your breath away. It should move you to tears. It should rock you to your core, and bring you to your knees. How can I believe in the power and authority of God, but live with a spirit of timidity. If I believe in the goodness of God, I can’t live like God is punishing me. If I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, I just can’t live quiet for Christ.

I’ve had a few people say to me since writing this blog that they would never be able to put their faith out there like that for every to read. And my answer to that is – how could I NOT. I sincerely feel like I have no other option.

Who on earth am I to know these truths, and not have it alter literally everything about me and my life? Who am I to know that God came to earth as Jesus, and then know that He died for me specifically – and live a life half in/ half out? Who am I to know that Christ literally lives in me, and then still act like God isn’t enough? Who am I to believe God is real, and his word is real, but then only hand pick the parts of the Bible that I “feel” are right? Who am I to say NO to the calling and anointing that God has placed on my life? Who on earth am I without God? I’m a blip on the radar. I’m an ant. I’m here, and then I’m gone. I’m hopeless. I’m self-seeking, self-centered, and self-absorbed. I’m nothing.

And who is anyone else that they would be able to derail me from these truths? I’m not scared to live my faith loud – and be criticized for it – because I don’t answer to any human. Not one. Because who are any of you outside of Christ?

If I actually believed in the God of the Bible – why would I NOT give absolutely all of myself to him? How could I not say, “rip me apart, and put me back together with only the pieces of you”? How could I not be moved to tears? How could I not shout praise? How could I not love?

Now I’m not saying everyone should start a blog, and I’m not calling for any sort of perfection (if you know me, you know that to be the honest truth) – I believe living loud for God looks differently for different people, but if the people around you don’t know that you are ALL IN for the Kingdom – then maybe you’re not all in for the Kingdom. And if you’re not all in for the Kingdom – do you believe the Bible is the word of God? If your mind isn’t wrapped up in Christ all the time – do you believe that God is who He says He is? If your actions aren’t in hopes of propelling God’s truth forward – do you believe the Holy Spirit is in you? If you don’t absolutely hate sin – do you believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Like I said – I’m not asserting perfection. We’re all still human, we will all still sin every day, we will do things that aren’t in line with God. That’s being a human. But I am asserting that you start to hate that sin- like really despise it, that you start to recognize where you’re believing lies. Start to take hold of what you say you believe – and then actually live out that belief.

If you’re not putting God first – then you’re putting Him last. Not one thing matters more than recognizing who you’re serving.





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